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Loving the new update!

Loving the new update, thanks!

Absolute Garbage

One other person I saw reviewed this app accurately. All others I believe to be fraudulent. The OCR is accurate roughly 10 percent of the time. The advertised crop feature, if it exists at all, is well hidden. I never found it. This app is horrible: a complete waste of time and money. The maker(s) should be ashamed.

Used it..liked it, makes my work easy!

So here it goes, this is a great app have tried many ocr apps and trust me this one is much much better, very straight forward and really easy to use..I wish there was a scanning document option and pdf option too otherwise the ocr Is really great when you scan a screenshot or other web image its 100% accurate..when you click a image with camera and scan just make sure to properly click the image and its quality..I would rate this app a 5 star and a must have..hope next update it gets more better(y)

love it!

it really helps out on my work and other stuff as well!

This may be the worst app I've ever used!

Saw this app on Flipboard as a great paid app you could get for free for a limited time. The reviews were great and though I missed the free period I happily plucked the $2.99 down. I tried to scan several items from photos of text from a book and a typed page and the OCR was less than 50% acute (far worse than 50%). I deleted the app in less than 10 minutes and wish I could get my money back. Hopefully someone reads this and saves theirs! Total junk wish I could give it zero stars.. Oh after paying for the app that did not work it wanted an additional fee to get rid of the ads SMH - total junk

Very useful app!

this app has proven to be amazingly useful and convenient for scanning documents and text from images and then translating it and listening to its translation or saving or editing it for later use. Works great on my iPad and iPhone 5s..a must download if you are into ocr scanning and manage your office work from your iOS device, really useful app.

Great app - game changer for mobile work!

Works great on my iPhone, I found it very useful for scanning English text and then translating it into other languages and listening to its translation( pronunciation) via this app..translation is almost 100% accurate...OcR is also up to the mark, you just need to click the picture from the right angle and rest all the work is done by this app..it's great, have kinda used many ocr apps before but this one is pretty impressive with so many other features packed with ocr...A must have app if you use your phone or iPad for work.


This app seriously works the way it should and advertised. Good OCR with great translation capabilities ! A must download!

A must buy!

Have tried many ocr apps in past but this one stands out from crowed..gives really accurate results when used properly..depends on image quality after all it's a app can't turn your device into a magic box...impressed..A must download!

Don't buy this app

Just bought this app based on the few but good reviews. Have to say that I'm very disappointed about the people at Apple that even let these kind of apps go on the Appstore. Not only is it poorly designed, it does not work at all. Just have to find a way to get my money back. Would give it 0 stars if I could

Great ocr

Very helpful app and worth the money. It is surprising how it does it but this app makes it very easy to get the gist of letter or statement. Impressed in the way it groups sections of text in a table keeping the flow of a box rather than reading the page line by line.


I've been after something like this for a while now but didn't think it was possible it was possible. Translating my quotes and poems to digital would have taken far too long but thanks to this app that time has at least halved. It works well but occasionally mistakes a word but then there is a edit option and having the option of different languages makes using it abroad easier, also love the option to listen(pronunciation) to the translated text.

Great for students

I am an auditory learner so it's easier for me to understand and concentrate on textbooks if they are in audio form. Unfortunately it's very rare to find audio textbooks. Instead I take a picture, with this app, turns the photo of the page into words, and then go to translate feature and then listen to it by using it's dictating feature and listen to scanned text as a audio text book and even can listen it in any language by this app's translate feature..the app is great. It's helped me soooo much pushing through boring reads of history textbooks.

Tried them all, ths one produces best results

Intelligent. Recognise receipts as receipts. Full page scans as letter. Easily opens image from gallery and let's user do custom cropping. Very quick infancy quickest of all I have used till now mostly because it doesn't go through a series of silly choices. Scan. Send. Save. Done.

Efficient And easy to use

Excellent App!!!!! Next step .. (y)

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